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Everspace 2 - new demo now live, upcoming Khaït Nebula update to raise level cap

Published: 13:16, 25 August 2021
Rockfish Games
Eversapce 2 - Demo is now live
Eversapce 2 - Demo is now live

Everspace 2's new demo features the games latest big update, five missions, two side missions and unlimited time to explore. Khaït Nebula upcoming update teased.

After recently rolling out a major update for the Early Access build of Everspace 2 , Rockfish Games decided to also share a new demo version and allow the players to experience the majority of Everspace 2's first star system. 

Everspace 2 - new demo 

While content-gated, the new Everspace 2 demo offers access to the first five main missions, two side quests and a variety of random encounters. Players are welcome to spend as much time as they like exploring the demo's asteroid fields and the outlaw base located in the first sector of the Ceto system.

If you like what you see while playing Everspace 2's demo and decide to purchase the Early Access version, all your save files will be waiting for you there. Be advised that the player level in the demo is capped at five but you can continue grinding for resources and in-game currency as long as you please after you finish exploring the small chunk of the universe.

Everspace 2's demo is now available on Steam.

Rockfish Games Everspace 2 - Khaït Nebula with some enormous bones floating around Everspace 2 - Khaït Nebula Teaser

Khaït Nebula - next update teaser

Ever wanted to help alien life forms complete their mating rituals? The Shadow Creatures are back in the Early Access Everspace 2's fourth star system. Your hard work will be rewarded with valuable resources in case of a happy ending. 

The Khaït Nebula also features some new space stations and special locations where you'll have to employ a mix of old gameplay elements with some new ones.

The maximum player level is getting a boost, and the devs are adding a set of new player perks. Go ahead and get excited about the autumn update which will add several chapters to the campaign. 

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