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Eve Online and Star Citizen fans are fighting an originality war

Published: 18:53, 16 June 2018
Updated: 14:38, 16 August 2018
Spoof image of Mayweather vs McGregor made to represent EVE vs Star Citizen clash
Eve vs Star Citizen

Eve Online and Star Citizen fans have entered an internet scuffle after the latter's developers Cloud Imperium added the Vulture, a ship that looks and sounds way too similar to Eve's Venture to be a coincidence. Let the flames begin.

Cloud Imperium Games have announced a new ship - the Vulture, for their Star Citizen roster on 15 June 2018, except that the ship isn't exactly new. It is almost identical to the Venture, a ship from Eve Online. Fans of both games immediately figured this one out and started for copying CCP's work in order to charge their players $140 for a "pledge".

Everything started off with minor and harmless jabs, with even CCP Games  on the official Eve Online Twitter, but the issue turned into a catfight rather quickly. The battleground of the fans' choosing turned out to be reddit as Star Citizen fans started pouring into Eve Online's subreddit and vice versa.

The reddit thread tied to the ship's announcement soon got locked by the subreddit's moderators due to . Many comments were also deleted for the same reason but many still remain. One of them, , stands out in particular because it contains several gifs and static images proving Cloud Imperium Games' previous plagiarism.

Meanwhile, on Eve's subreddit, an apparent reincarnation of Mahatma Gandhi came to supposedly seek peace by into Star Citizen's development process. This person's post contained supposed evidence that Vulture isn't a Venture copy but all of their proofs linked to videos and other media made by Cloud Imperium Games. It would be rather weird if they actually admitted that they copied a vessel from Eve.

The subreddit's moderators quickly tagged the thread with "Propaganda" flair and then, in a rather questionable fashion pinned a response with a homophobic slur to the top of comment section.

CCP Games, Cloud Imperium Games Images of Venture ship from Eve Online and Vulture ship from Star Citizen Eve and Star Citizen - Top is Vulture from Star Citizen, bottom is Venture from EVE

This wouldn't be much of an issue on 4chan or other forums that don't prohibit the use of words such as "fag" but state that players should follow , which actually asks users to not intentionally be rude at all. What good are the subreddit's rules if the moderators don't follow them either?

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