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Star Citizen trailer shows all-new Cyclone MT and teases St. Patrick's

Published: 11:15, 13 March 2021
Cloud Imperium Games
Star Citizen, St. Patrick's and Cyclone MT
Star Citizen, St. Patrick's and Cyclone MT

Cloud Imperium Games' latest Star Citizen trailer is all about living hard and riding fast on the all-new Cyclone MT, and some St. Patrick's event hints.

"Here’s to you and new discoveries. Here’s to fate ever-smiling upon you. And here’s to the opportunity to commemorate the occasion with friends, frivolity, and frothy beverages", the team wrote in the trailer description. 

As you'll soon see in the trailer, Star Citizen players can now get a special-edition green and grey 2951 Stella Fortuna Crusader Mercury paint, and hopefully, Saint Patrick's luck rubs off on you. 

If you're more on the hands-on side of Star Citizen, then a fresh new Cyclone MT should do the trick. Tumbril made sure the MT packs a mean punch by strapping it with a gun and missile turret combo, in addition to being quite mobile. Awesome stunt at the end too - proper advertisement material. 

Star Citizen's developer has announced even more content in 2021, which should be made a bit easier thanks to CIG's opening of a new dedicated studio. The team there will be in charge of SC's game's systems and new content.

The company stated that 2020 has broken Star Citizen's crowdfunding record from 2019, which means their crowdfunding will continue in 2021 too. We'll be hoping to see Squadron 42 this year, but we've learned not to hold our breath for CIG's timelines. 

One of Star Citizen's more recent additions was the call for the defence of Stanton against the XenoThreat. This marked the beginning of CIG's dynamic in-game events, which should help the game tighten up narratives and sync them up to content much better than before. 

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