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Star Citizen issues a call for defence of Stanton against XenoThreat

Published: 10:39, 05 February 2021
Cloud Imperium Games
Star Citizen, Advocacy attaché to the CDF Rowena Dulli
Star Citizen, Advocacy attaché to the CDF Rowena Dulli

Cloud Imperium Games have announced the first of hopefully many dynamic events in the Star Citizen universe, and it starts with the defence of Stanton.

The developer explained that Star Citizen Alpha 3.12.1 brings new backend tech that allows for dynamic events, and they're already planning unique missions and server-wide activities for everyone. 

CIG will be putting them to use on a wide range of tasks, from improving more peaceful events like Invictus Launch Week, to combat scenarios and staging of exclusive battles. 

As you can see from the trailer, Star Citizen's universe is one step closer to realism and it didn't take fancy shaders or modelling - just a bit of overarching narrative. And spaceships, of course.

"An outlaw group known as XenoThreat has launched a campaign of violence in the Stanton System and the Navy has requested CDF support to help combat the scourge. Preaching a viciously anti-UEE and xenophobic rhetoric, XenoThreat forces have been responsible for dozens of attacks against civilian and corporate structures", the dev wrote.

Star Citizen is therefore issuing a call to all volunteers who are willing and able to defend the Stanton sector. It's a rare system with four planets hospitable to human life, so you know - for humanity. Okay, we lied, it's for corporations, but that doesn't have that drums-of-war ring to it. 

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If you're up for some space patriotism, you should contact Advocacy attache to the CDF Rowena Dulli via the contract manager in your mobiGlass. And she'll Dulli hook you up. 

Now, CIG didn't explicitly say they'll be pulling some fast ones during the event, but their insistence on players checking back with the website suggests Star Citizen's first dynamic event will come with a few surprises as well. You can find the announcement here .

Star Citizen Alpha 3.6 update by Cloud Imperium Games

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