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Star Citizen updates fans on AI development progress

Published: 22:40, 04 February 2021
Cloud Imperium Games
Star Citizen
Star Citizen

Cloud Imperium Games posted the Star Citizen monthly report for January 2021 which made mentions of some AI work and how the team will handle it.

CIG is reorganising hte teams working on Star Citizen AI and the three departments that were formed are AI Content, AI Features and AI Tech. Content team will create behaviours, usables and do other related work while Features team is kind of self-explanatory - it will be implementing project features. Finally, the Tech team will handle the core functionalities that require a more structural design.

Content team's progress in January 2021 involved working on early versions of the engineer, hygiene, hawker and tourist behaviours. In other words, the engineers will be handling maintenance panels on wall panels inside of ships and hangars while the hygiene behaviour will be handling the NPCs' ability to make use of toilets, sinks and showers. 

Hawker behaviour is what deals with the street vendor and speaker NPCs which seems less interesting than the others but the tourist behaviour isn't far off as it's dealing with the mundane things, such as letting characters travel around areas and look at points of interest.

Features team introduced the first traits affecting the AI pilot tactic selection which should lead to more realistic and personal encounters since pilots will behave differently from one another, with some preferring safer approaches while others will try to imitate Maverick from Top Gun.

 Tech team worked on something that sounds boring to the superficial glance we might throw at the monthly report but brings something crucial to making the AI more immersive. Namely, the team exposed a way to make NPCs execute custom logic assignments on top of the previous logics they may have, which should help create more complex NPCs overall.

You can check out the full report on the official website and it looks worthy of your time, since we only skimmed over the AI chapter, which is also just a portion of the entire report.

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