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Star Citizen gets record crowdfunding in 2020, no release dates in sight

Published: 00:09, 25 December 2020
Cloud Imperium Games
Star Citizen characters posing
Star Citizen, Foundation Festival

Cloud Imperium Games posted an update on the state of Star Citizen and the singleplayer game in the same universe, Squadron 42. While the first one keeps raking in cash, neither of them have a release date yet.

Star Citizen has been in development for about eight years now and the game is not looking like it will fully release anytime soon. That didn't stop the backers from pouring money into the development funds and the game is boasting a second record-breaking year in a row.

In an update on the RSI website, Chris Roberts stated that while 2019 was a record year itself when it comes to revenue, 2020 is about 80 per cent over its predecessor. Each month of the year scored record revenue, except for October and December, the latter of which was still running at the time of writing.

Those $48 million in 2019 and projected $80 million in 2020 do not spell finished games, however. Star Citizen is still getting some content drops but even the most hardcore of fans are not claiming it to be a complete game.

Meanwhile, Squadron 42 will probably precede Star Citizen when it comes to releasing a game but the wording in Roberts' letter hinted that there is at least more than one year before it comes out.

The first hint is that the game will get a roadmap consisting of four yearly quarters and the second is that Roberts noted many games don't get a release date announcement until 12 months from release.

That said, CIG are apparently planning to show more transparency with the ongoing roadmaps for both games, which should give backers an idea what the teams are working on.

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