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Escape from Tarkov: Traders are no longer accepting money

Published: 10:22, 24 June 2022
Battlestate Games
Time to trade screwdrivers and nails for gear
Time to trade screwdrivers and nails for gear

Pre-wipe events continue in Escape from Tarkov as Traders are only accepting barter items while Flea market remains open for now.

Battlestate Games announced the beginning of the event this morning by Tweeting a video showing a soldier complaining about Traders not needing paper anymore, and only dealing with Barter items.

Long story short, Traders remain open but will not accept any money (rubles, euros, dollars) and will exclusively deal with barter items. 

If you have Lucky Scav Junk boxes full, now is the time to clean them up in exchange for gear.

Compared to previous wipes, these pre-wipe events have switched places, as usual, the Flea market closes before Traders. Will the Flea market close soon as well is to be seen, but players are reporting that at the moment, it is still up and running.

This might collapse the in-game economy, and the players are a bit skeptical about the Battlestate Games' end goal here.

The previous boss event on Customs still continues along with the Trader event as the Tarkov dev log doesn't show any changes since yesterday when the bosses were scrapped entirely from their original locations.

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