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Escape from Tarkov: The Arena teaser released

Published: 21:14, 03 June 2022
Terminal revealed as well?
Terminal revealed as well?

Escape from Tarkov is finally getting a new mode.

Weeks of hype finally reached the peak as Battlestate Games released the first teaser for the Arena mode.

Watch the just released teaser below.

The Arena should be a deathmatch / battle royale mode that has been talked about for years now, but we have very few official details about it at the moment.

What we know is that The Arena will bring a lot of refreshment to the game, especially during the late wipe.

Footage in the trailer features an unknown map, possibly The Terminal, as the fights in the teaser are happening in the airport.

This could mean that the Tarkov fans could get the Arena mode + new map together, and with the Streets of Tarkov possible release before autumn, Battlestate Games is making huge steps towards the final release.

The teaser did not contain any date so the exact release date of The Arena is to be revealed some time in the future.

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