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Escape from Tarkov: New running animation revealed

Published: 09:33, 19 May 2022
How will the new animation look like from POV?
How will the new animation look like from POV?

Battlestate Games have been working on a new running animation for some time. Nikita finally reveals how it looks like.

How often do you see in-game items named after developers or artists? Or how often player base knows the team lead by name? That is how vital is Kiba, Escape from Tarkov animation team lead

Since the release of Escape from Tarkov alpha, animations have been one of the strongest Tarkov characteristics, from movement to the careful and unique approach for every weapon from loading ammo to running with the gun. It is not unreasonable to say that these kinds of details separate Tarkov from most games in this genre, as it provides a feeling of depth applied to the game.

For example, the SVD gun has two different animations just for loading a round into the chamber based on whether the bolt is locked to the rear or not.

It is not uncommon that you notice new or different animations in your fifth or sixth wipe, as the variations when it comes to weapons are huge. 

That being said, the basic running animation could do some refinement, and Nikita, the C.E.O. of Battlestate Games has announced that they are working on new running animations

We finally get a glimpse of the new animation in a Twitter video posted by Nikita, showing PMC running in Editor.

The animation looks very smooth and more realistic than before, and from the responses, the players love it already.

How soon will we see it in action, and in what stage of development it is currently, is still unknown as Nikita has not discussed this in more detail in the last Community podcast. 

However, considering that he is teasing players already with this reveal, the animations could be introduced with the next wipe, so June/July.

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