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Escape from Tarkov: New Flea Market fee is here to stay

Published: 14:17, 20 May 2022
Battlestate Games
Are the Flea market fee's too high?
Are the Flea market fee's too high?

As the 30% discount event on Traders ended, many expected the Flea Market fee to return to normal but it hasn't. It looks like the new fees are permanent.

Last week Battlestate Games had an event where every Trader sold items at a 30% discount, which was a nice opportunity for players to refill their stash considering the week before we had a closed market and Traders. But as Traders were selling at a discount, they were also buying items from players at a discount, making it difficult for players to make money

In addition, the Flea market fees have been dramatically increased, and many thought that it was to compensate for the Traders' discount, but as the Trader event finished, the Flea market fees remained, and are looking to remain permanently as there is no word from the developers about decreasing them.

The goal of the increased tax is to try and control the market inflation.

High fees should make users buy more from the Traders instead of the Flea market. It is also an attempt to control the high prices of some items on the Flea market. 

In theory, it means you can't set the price of items too high. The goal is to sell items cheaper but faster. It should speed up the progression next wipe since players won't be able to charge high prices on the market. It'll be easier and cheaper to buy needed items.

How the market fee works at the moment is that it increases significantly as you raise the price over the Trader's price. So bigger the difference, bigger the fee. That's why your fee might not be the same when selling the same item at two different times.

Some are wondering will this fee amount drive people toward RMT?

This change greatly reduces the profit margin for players, especially for rare items that could previously get you a fortune.

On one hand, if it helps stabilize the in-game economy, it will be a good measure. On the other hand, the market is being dictated from outside the game, which adds an artificial factor to the game and is not in line with the game's naturalism. 

The flea market used to be an auction house where demand sets the price, but now it is moving more towards a dictated, balanced market with the recommended, same price for everything.

There was a ridiculous post-event bug where Flea market tax was calculated incorrectly to the amount that exceeded the price of the item. Those who weren't careful enough and didn't notice anything strange, sure did after the items were sold and they lost money instead of gained. 

The bug was fixed within two days and is no longer an issue.

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