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Escape from Tarkov: More items put on no-drop list

Published: 20:17, 24 May 2022
Reddit user irqaS
RMT found it's way around restrictions before
RMT found it's way around restrictions before

Battlestate Games continue fighting RMT as more items get put on the no discard list.

Escape from Tarkov had a minor technical update this morning, and with it, came additional restrictions for players discarding items during the raid, either to squad members or random players.

Battlestate's fight against RMT (Real Money Trading) is ongoing for some time now, and two weeks ago, the developers took their new major action against RMT, by excluding the option to discard/drop some valuable items during the raid. 

The first batch of items on the list were keycards, money, and other very rare valuable items. 

The second batch contains some questionable items, as some of them are really cheap on the Flea market and probably are not an RMT threat.  New additions to the list are the following:

Can't be dropped in raid anymore: 

  • Moonshine

Discard limit: 1 piece

  • Smoke balaclava
  • Shroud half-mask
  • Fake mustache
  • Pestily plague mask
  • Bomber beanie
  • Kotton beanie
  • Discard Limit 4:
  • DevTac Ronin ballistic helmet

Discard limit: 20 pieces:

  • Vog-17
  • RGN
  • RGO
  • F-1
  • VOG-25
  • RGD-5
  • M67

The list doesn't apply to Found in raid items. 

Face covers are among the items players found obsolete to be put on the list, as they sell for less than 5k per slot and are probably not the item that needs moderating.

Some users have voiced their discontent saying that Battlestate Games is punishing regular players with lazy solutions while ignoring to address and tackle the source of the problem: source code that allows cheaters to prosper.

The full changes log from today's update can be seen  here.

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