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Escape from Tarkov is on a discount just before the wipe

Published: 08:14, 09 May 2022
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A perfect time to get into Tarkov
A perfect time to get into Tarkov

As per tradition, Escape from Tarkov is on sale during a national holiday in Russia. It just happened to perfectly match the timing of a pre-wipe discount.

Russia today, on the 9th of May, celebrates Victory Day, which marks the day after Nazi Germany surrendered and Soviet forces took control of Berlin, bringing the second world war in Europe to an end.

Being a military game from Russia, Escape from Tarkov often has discounts associated with the military holidays, the last one being in February on Defence of the Fatherland Day when the game was at a 30% discount.

Because of that, the game is on the 20% discounts today, and possibly tomorrow as Victory day is celebrated for two days in Russia. 

If you were planning to get into Escape from Tarkov, this is the perfect time as the game is not often on discount and there is a possibility of a wipe happening this week, which is the best time to start as a new player.

New prices are as follows:

  • Standard edition

34.99€ => 27.99€

  • Left behind

57.99€ => 46.39€

  • Prepare for escape

79.99€ => 63.99€

  • Edge of darkness

109.99€ => 82.49€

If you need help choosing which version suits you, we have covered that in more detail in one of the articles earlier.

You can order Escape from Tarkov through their official website as the game is not available on Steam or any other external platform.

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