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Escape from Tarkov: Grenade launcher will be lootable

Published: 22:11, 14 June 2022
Battlestate Games
Loading ammo takes a while
Loading ammo takes a while

There is a new sheriff in town, and you better get used to it.

Starting with the next patch, PvP fights in Escape from Tarkov could experience major fight dynamics change on all maps as Battlestate Games are adding heavy weaponry to the game.

The first heavy weapon to be added is a Grenade launcher, used by one of the new Rogue bosses: Big pipe. 

Picture of the boss holding the weapon, and the weapon close-up itself have already been released earlier by the Battlestate Games, and in the latest TarkovTV, we saw the launcher in action.

The weapons itself seems very powerful, as we saw from the gameplay footage. On two occasions, we saw that the impact from the missed shot killed enemies couple of meters away, so the launcher will become a must-have weapons when fighting against groups. The weapon does load slowly, which should bring some balance in PvP fights.

Battlestate Games Launcher in action Launcher in action

The grenade launcher will be lootable but will not be purchasable on the Flea market nor via Traders, so the only way to acquire for now will be by killing the Rogue boss, who will be the only person to carry it, so be prepared for Grenade launcher farmers playing Lighthouse.

For now, there will be no map limit, meaning players will be able to carry the launcher into the smaller maps like Factory and The Lab as well.

Nikita wanted to assure people that because of the weapon scarcity, it will not impact PvP as much, because very few people will have it. 

That will of course depend on the location of the Big Pipe boss, as he might be placed on a closed location on Lighthouse, approachable only to players who unlock that part of the map, and depending on how tough he is to kill

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