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Escape from Tarkov devs continue to tease players with tomorrow's technical update

Published: 17:06, 10 May 2022
Battlestate Games
New Streets of Tarkov teaser is one of the things community expects to happen soon
New Streets of Tarkov teaser is one of the things community expects to happen soon

Tarkov community is eager for any information, leads or rumors about the wipe and Battlestate Games know it.

Each wipe cycle reaches a point late in the wipe when any news, article, or social media post from Battlestate Games, Nikita, or any of the Tarkov streamers gets analyzed thoroughly for any sublime messages about the incoming wipe, creating an echo chamber where people repost and repeat loosely connected theories and events as factual evidence.

And although experienced players recognize how ludicrous most of that talk is, and are annoyed by it as it happens every wipe cycle, it is undeniably one of the things that keeps the current Tarkov community alive and talking, as there isn't much to talk about this late in the wipe.

Battlestate Games know it, and through the years, Nikita and the devs created an atmosphere where everything is to be expected at any time, as often they would deny the wipe happening just weeks before it happened, and have surprise updates after telling the players they are not to expect them in the recent future.

We talked in previous articles about how some players are expecting a wipe or the Lighthouse expansion to happen this Thursday, May 12th.  

Just an hour ago, Battlestate Games posted on Twitter about the large technical update happening tomorrow, which had people wondering whether a technical update will actually be a sneaky content update.

The update will take place at 09:00 Central European time, and the game will not be playable during the update, which is a common occurrence during larger technical updates.

As there is currently an Escape from Tarkov tournament going on, we highly doubt that anything outside the technical will happen

But we expect the developers to keep teasing the players as the expectation for the wipe increases by the day, to keep the community on its toes.

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