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Escape from Tarkov: Desync should be improved with the next update

Published: 09:08, 02 June 2022
Peeker advantage should be reduced
Peeker advantage should be reduced

Battlestate Games are currently installing a technical update with redesigned network buffering and anti-aliasing algorithm.

How many times have you been killed by an opponent before seeing or even hearing him? That is caused by the desynchronization of the player's actual position vs the player's offline position, and if you're on the receiving end of desync, that is a huge disadvantage.

Desync has been a problem in Escape from Tarkov since the beginning and is probably one of the most annoying deaths one can suffer in the game, just next to dying from cheaters. 

Battlestate Games started installing an update that should in part fix the desync issues. They have redesigned network buffering and anti-aliasing algorithms in order to increase the visualization accuracy of the position of other players in the raid as much as possible (as far as your network connection allows), while maintaining the smoothness of the player's movement.

In what amount will this fix decrease desync is to be seen after the update completes. There are a couple of additional ways you can reduce desync, and we covered that in a separate article.

Desync has been a part of Tarkov for so long that it shaped M.E.T.A way of playing, where peeker's advantage is a technique commonly used in PvP fights, as it's better to rush your opponent and move rather than standing still and waiting in the corner, and all because of the desync.

The update originally was supposed to last 2 hours but was extended to 3 or more.

 The game should be back and running at 6 AM EDT/12 AM CEST.

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