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Epic take Google and Apple to UK Competition Appeal Tribunal

Published: 16:59, 15 January 2021
Apple, Epic Games
Apple and Epic Games logos
Apple, Epic Games

Epic are really taking their case against Apple and Google internationally, as the company now filed claims against the two to the UK Competition Appeal Tribunal.

It turns out that Epic submitted their claims back in December, but they've now been made public. Fortnite maker alleges that the two abused their positions as dominant players in iOS and Android markets, respectively:

The Tribunal has posted separate filings for Apple and Google, but both accuse Apple and Google of the same thing:

  • reserving to itself the sole channel for the distribution of apps to and/or the payment processing mechanism for purchases of in-app content for and by consumers who use iPhones and iPad / Android
  • using its position of dominance to charge unfair prices for the distribution of apps via the App Store and/or use of the Apple IAP / Google Play Store.

Google are additionally alleged to have unfairly restricted competition from alternative app stores and other channels for the distribution of apps to consumers with Android mobile devices. 

In both cases, Epic are using their introduction of competing services in Fortnite as proof that their claims are correct. 

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Epic are asking for individual declarations that Fortnite's removal from App Store and Google Play were unlawful, as well as the game to be restored on the said platforms. Additionally, they're asking for the end to restrictions on payment processing that favour Apple and Google.

You can find Epic's submissions against Apple here , and Google here .

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