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Epic Games Store free game, December 27, 2022

Published: 20:12, 26 December 2022
Greylock Studio
Severed Steel - Stop, cannon time
Severed Steel - Stop, cannon time

There is a teaser and a leak covering the next Epic Games Store giveaway which will have your adrenal glands working overtime.

Severed Steel is the free game on Epic Games Store from December 27 to 28, 2022.

The free game rotates every day at 8:00 AM PT / 5:00 PM CET so make sure you're there to pick this one because it is quite the blast to play. 

I absolutely loved every moment of this game's demo around the time Steam Next Fest 2021 kicked in and judging by the reception from critics and the audience, Greylock Studio didn't falter - they delivered a great stuntfest with guns.

For those who are not familiar with the game, it is basically a series of levels where everyone is your enemy and you are trying to get out alive or wipe them all out.

Greylock Studio Severed Steel - You can also kill an enemy and pull their gun out of the holster before they drop dead Severed Steel - You can also kill an enemy, pull their gun out of the holster and proceed to ruin the day for the rest of their buddies

In both scenarios, the player will have to do it as stylishly as possible, although looking flashy is not the main drive here. The player's character can barely sustain any fire from the enemies so you actually have to dodge their bullets by making yourself as hard to hit as possible.

This is achieved through wall running, jumping, sliding, kicking and shooting through it all in a fantastic crescendo of violence that would make John Wick jealous.


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