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Severed Steel update adds new levels and weapons

Published: 11:58, 24 January 2022
Greylock Studio
Severed Steel
Severed Steel

Greylock Studios updated Severed Steel with more content and now the game has a bunch of additional levels and a few new weapons to improve replayability.

Severed Steel is all about being as stylish as possible while killing a ton of enemies at breakneck speeds, which leads to two main components being emphasised when you want to refresh things - maps and weapons. With the latest update, Greylock added both of these.

A total of 12 new levels are now live so if you're looking for new areas to redecorate with hostile brains, you are in luck. The new levels are a bit larger than what you might be used to so you will likely need to develop new strategies while clearing the enemies out. On that note, their AI has been updated and this change will carry over to the previously existing levels so don't be surprised if the baddies start employing new tactics.

The new weapon list starts with improvements to the Arm Cannon, with the late-game upgrade where we also get to use the Meta Grande which behaves somewhat similar to the Plasma Grenade. It holds more charges, however, and has no drop-off while boasting faster travel speed and more damage. Overall, the basic concept is familiar to the players but it's just bigger, faster and better now.

Four weapons were also added with the update, some of them famous for being wielded akimbo in movies and video games while others are existing weapons that are getting suppressed versions. Mac 10 and Deagle are getting their suppressors while sawn-off shotgun and lever-action rifle are new additions.

Given the nature of Steel, the protagonist, you don't get the opportunity to wield any two guns at the same time but operating a lever-action rifle with one hand is pretty badass.

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