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Egress, a Dark Souls inspired multiplayer game announced

Published: 14:42, 09 February 2018
Updated: 21:08, 10 February 2018
Fazan Games
Head title for video game Egress by Fazan Games.

Battle royale genre is going to get enriched by another title later this year - Egress, a game focusing on hardcore intense melee action akin to Dark Souls, developed and published by Fazan.

Fazan is an indie developer, with one game under their belt named Beastiarium that was released in 2016 and met with mixed reviews. This time they are jumping on the battle royale hype train and trying to combine it with another trend in the gaming community - the Souls series' combat system.

Egress' description is still somewhat short, being described as a ''role-playing BattleRoyale with an intense hardcore souls-like combat system''. You may not want to hold tight to all the promises as the developer had issues with role-playing elements before where they described Beastiarium as a seamless story driven action horror with charismatic characters. The game didn't deliver in any of those aspects except for the ''seamless'' part as it had no loading screens. Bear in mind that Beastiarium was their debut title and that should be reason enough to cut them some slack.

Fazan Games A female character from video game Egress posing with a sword. Egress

Role-playing might pick up the pace if Egress gets a good character customization, since the second part of the game's description reads: ''Choose your hero with unique abilities and become the last survivor!''. Egress is slated to be a battle royale game and the main source of revenue for the genre's main giant, PUBG are cosmetic microtransactions, so it is safe to say we can expect a lot of customization options, some of which will inevitably be sold for real life currency.

This may not necessarily be a bad thing, knowing that Fazan is an indie studio that could use and not a gaming giant with EA or Activision's massive resources and even more massive greed behind them. My main gripe with the bits that were shown in the trailer is the scripted combat at about 0:53 where the torch combatant doesn't dodge that horrifically telegraphed pickaxe swing. I hope the combat will eventually come closer to the gratifying Souls combat system.

Fazan Games A combatant with a weird hammer fighting the pavement. Egress

System requirements for the game don't seem to be high at all, and Fazan was praised by players for their good optimization on Beastiarium. You can check the system specs needed on .

Graphics-wise, Egress looks fantastic in the trailer and the setting looks like a retro-futuristic blend of steampunk and '80s retrowave that... just might work. The style will definitely polarise opinions, so you can check our gallery and decide for yourself.



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Dark Souls like battle royale game

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