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Egress developers are completely redoing the game's animations

Published: 20:41, 08 June 2018
Fazan Games
A female character from video game Egress posing with a sword.

Fazan Games have shown first bits of Egress gameplay at the start of May 2018 but potential players voiced their discontent with the game's animations. It turns out that the developers took the issue to heart and revamped all animations.

Fazan Games are proclaiming that Egress is a "role-playing battle royale" that features a souls-like combat system. For those unfamiliar with the term, it seems like the Souls series is spawning a sub-genre much like about four decades ago.

Now, a major part of Dark Souls' appeal lies with the series combat that felt challenging, satisfying and polished. While Egress aspires to reach those heights, it really didn't turn out to be up to par, as fans didn't like the animations on either the or the gameplay video provided by Fazan Games.

The developers responded with a new video, about a month after that, showing the motion capture process and the new animations that will be incorporated into the game. The video is shown above and while it offers a glance of the new animations, it also reveals some classes that were not seen before in gameplay videos or the trailer.

In order of appearance these classes are hunter, bloodkeeper, blade master, alchemist, plague dreamer, ringer and miner. Some of these classes were previously revealed, and we even noted that the miner's animations were shady back in February 2018, when the game was originally announced.

According to Fazan Games, and the video above, it is not only the miner whose animations are subject to change, as even the previously unseen classes such as the blade master and plague dreamer are being treated to a motion capture revamp.

Fazan Games Two combatants in Egress video game. Egress

There is currently no solid date on when the game will be released, with Fazan Games only noting that Egress will be available at some point in 2018. On the other hand, they did confirm the game will come to PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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