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eFootball 2023 launches with full Mexican league

Published: 11:03, 26 August 2022
eFootball 2023
eFootball 2023

Konami updated eFootball with a new number in the year designator, added Liga BBVA MX and a few stats updates but it still feels a bit barren.

Konami added a bunch of new licenses to eFootball, which has advanced one year to become eFootball 2023 instead of "2022". With the game retaining everything but the name, it also has the same store page and reviews on Steam, which are still Mostly Negative on the aggregate, with just 26 per cent positive ones.

In any case, eFootball now has the teams from Liga BBVA MX, the top flight of Mexican professional football and Azteca, one of the Mexican stadiums.

On top of that, AC Milan and Inter Milan are fully licensed, which brings the number of available teams to 26. Despite the growing size of rosters in eFootball, some of the most popular modes from the PES series are still missing, most notably Master League and Become a Legend.

The former was previously announced as paid DLC in 2023 so the singleplayer enthusiasts still have a bit of wait left on their hands. In the meantime, the multiplayer and microtransaction-centric eFootball 2023 has seen more additions for myClub that will pester players into buying eFootball coins.

While the new teams were the highlight, the actual update notes are longer and you can check them out on the official website .

Having such a small roster of teams after going into the second year is pretty damning for eFootball but at least it plays better now and is no longer brand Psychological Horror.

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