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eFootball: Konami confirm Master League release date

Published: 11:18, 31 May 2022

Konami have revealed that the popular PES mode Master League will be coming to eFootball sometime in 2023. 

Master League is one of the most popular modes in eFootball (former Pro Evolution Soccer) but despite this, Konami decided against including such mode in their latest iteration of this football simulation.

As expected, players were not happy with the change, which is reflected in the game's early Steam reviews. Though, it must be said that Konami promised to add Master League and other single-player features to the game in the near future.

Today, they revealed more details about the release of Master League, confirming that the mode is on track to launch sometime during 2023. The publisher were not specific and only gave fans a very broad release window, which will probably anger eFootball players even more but it is what it is. 

Konami also confirmed that Master League will not be free to download since it's part of their paid content updates. In addition to Master League, Konami will expand the number of teams that players can use in leagues by the end of the year. 

"Paid Content - The number of teams that can be used in leagues and club teams will be expanded and distributed as additional paid content by the end of 2022 - Master League will be available as additional paid content during 2023."

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All in all, it will be a long wait for the Master League mode but still, better late than never. We only hope that until then, eFootball will receive additional updates that will keep players around until more substantial content arrives in 2023. 

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