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Eden Falling Early Access announced along with highly ambitious goals

Published: 16:00, 13 February 2020
Razor Edge Games
Eden Falling concept art
Eden Falling concept art

Razor Edge Games are aiming to move boundaries of imagination with Eden Falling as they announced the game will be a turn-based RPG with multiplayer, years worth of location exploring and real life-like character systems, like ageing, permadeath and family building.

Eden Falling with be a turn-based RPG, set in a post-apocalyptic world. Players create their character and go into the wasteland to build their reputation with the tribe-like groups that vie for control. 

Right off the bat, the game doesn't sound too innovative but don't judge the book by its cover. In the case of Razor Edge Games' title, there are plenty of things that are planned and haven't been implemented that often in other games.

The team's main focus seems to be staying true to tabletop gaming, which will influence several aspects that sound rather appealing. For example, the aforementioned player-created character will age. This will cause them to gain experience and new skills but their physical attributes will suffer as they lose strength and speed due to entering the later parts of their life cycle.

However, the character can build a family, which in turn will cause them to pass their skills on and have their legacy continue. Alternatively, the Companions they travel with can also be used to pass the skills onto. Just keep in mind that the game features permadeath so dying young is not going to leave much of a legacy.

All of this will be happening in a persistent world where multiplayer will be possible. Speaking of the world, mentions 30,000 locations. There is no way of knowing how big they will be or how long we will stay in them but if we assume there is enough content in each to keep us around for half an hour on average, it would take 625 days to go through all the locations. In other words, it's more than half a year worth of time.

Razor Edge Games Eden Falling Factions Eden Falling Factions - Top Row: Freedom Fighters, Texas Stars, Patriots Bottom Row: Confeds, The Rats

On a related note, with the planned gigantic proportions of Eden Falling, we found the system specifications on Steam to be a bit too low. Later on, Razor Edge Games confirmed to us that these specs are indeed not final and are subject to change.

Eden Falling will go into Steam Early Access in 2020 while the full game release date has not been announced yet.

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