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EA have reportedly greenlit a new Fight Night game

Published: 17:22, 10 November 2021
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Tyson Fury in UFC 4
Tyson Fury in UFC 4

According to the reports, EA have greenlit a new Fight Night boxing game but the project is currently paused and will resume after UFC 5.

EA are rumoured to be working on a brand new Fight Night game codenamed Moneyball, according to VGC. The game has been greenlit and it's currently in early development but won't enter full production until the next UFC game, presumably UFC 5, is released sometime in late 2022. 

This means that the next Fight Night boxing game is still years from a potential release, which will disappoint many boxing fans.

The report states that EA's focus would be on UFC for the foreseeable future since the company found it challenging to staff up for Fight Night due to "strong marketplace competition".

Apparently, the plan was to enter full production alongside UFC but EA ultimately decided not to split their senior creatives between two sports fighting games projects. 

This is reportedly written in an email that VGC have obtained and described in their scoop. Apparently, EA are focused on delivering high-quality titles which is why they will be working on one game at a time. 

At the moment, we do not have any official details about the next Fight Night game so take this one with a grain of salt, until confirmed by EA. 

The idea of having a next-gen Fight Night game with photorealistic visuals is certainly appealing but until we get to see the game in action, we won't be getting excited, since EA have failed us too many times. 

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