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Domina is now delisted on steam following dev's random rant

Published: 00:41, 05 September 2022
Domina - Before

From turning an obscure indie into success to trashing its reputation and ruining it for everyone in just a few steps, by the developer of Domina.

Gamers generally root for indie games and love it when they are made into successes but while Domina started off that way, people's perception of it became sullied by the developer behind it, Nicholas John Leonhard Groissen.

Those who followed the game's continued support on Steam were already aware of random rants that would be inserted into the patch notes, with the rants consisting of homophobic, transphobic and various other unsavoury thoughts.

Such escapades often drew scrutiny from both the community and the broader public but it never deterred Groissen from further rants, as was proven in the end when he announced a new game in the same setting.

Normally, one would be thrilled for a successful indie's sequel but Dominus' luck ran out before the game came to be - Groissen got banned by Steam and Domina was delisted. The reason here was the way Dominus was announced as Groissen mocked transgender people every step of the way. 

He was previously banned from Twitter on both the private account and the one related to Domina itself but one would hazard a guess the Steam ban is going to hurt more since it was the main distribution platform for the game.

It's also hard to imagine Dominus and Domina will manage to find a new storefront as it's pretty hard to find someone willing to tie themselves to a reputation such as that of Groissen these days.

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