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Rumour: The Division 2 and Watchdogs 3 are in the works

Published: 14:07, 16 February 2018
Updated: 15:22, 24 February 2018
Ubisoft logo in blue color. It looks like a wallpaper.

Ubisoft have recently announced that they will concentrate more on quality over quantity with focusing on Assassin's Creed: Origins support and switching to 2 years between new installments for the series. This may apply to their business model in general, according to a slide from a presentation by the company.

Ubisoft has been doing well recently, with their sales figures the expectations while largely remaining untouched by the loot box controversy storm. Seeing how their continued support for Rainbow 6 Siege brought the game back into and their constant brought The Division back from the edge of the abyss, it is likely a wise decision to keep pushing for more quality content. 

This year the company has more AAA titles lined up, two of which are The Crew 2 and Skull and Bones. A slide from Ubisoft's presentation was posted by a member but was quickly pulled by the company. It shows that there are four AAA games planned for 2018.

Ubisoft A presentation slide detailing Ubisoft's plans for 2018. Ubisoft

One of the main contenders for one of those two spots is The Division 2. It was speculated before that the sequel to the original Divsion is in works, but now it seems like the next logical step. The Division was revived by the 1.8 update and it's still trucking with monthly Global Events drawing in a lot of attention.

The problem with relying on The Division is that it's pretty much out of content. There hasn't been any story development for a long while now which is another hint at a possible sequel, and there is only so much time an eternal winter in New York can keep people immersed. Also for the love of God just give us closure on Aaron Keener.

Ubisoft A lightly armoured SHD agent inspecting a crime scene with his super high tech smartwatch. The Division

Another possibility is Watch Dogs 3. While the original Watch Dogs was lacklustre, the 2016 sequel was generally well received and had a good run sales wise. We're now in the second year after its release which is out of Ubisoft's usual one year sequel cycle, but as I mentioned before Assassin's Creed is also switching to the two year model, so Watch Dogs 3 is still possible but it's not set in stone.

Meanwhile, a third challenger approaches from the shadows - a Splinter Cell title. Fans are calling for this one so hard that I simply can not ignore it. While it's a long shot, it is still a possibility. 

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