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Rumour: Watch Dogs 3 story and main character details emerge

Published: 07:21, 21 May 2019
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According to the latest leak on Reddit, players will take the role of a woman named Sarah in Watch Dogs 3. Sarah is a part of a counter-terrorist organisation and must join a hacker group to find out who's in charge and to take them down.

Watch Dogs 3 is probably one of the most leaked game from Ubisoft's catalogue of upcoming, yet unannounced titles. Earlier this year, we got some solid sources claiming that Watch Dogs 3 will be set in London, emphasizing social stealth, hacking, melee and other non-violent options instead of gunplay.

Today, another leak appeared on Reddit, and it reveals a couple of details about Watch Dogs 3's story and main character, who apparently is a female. The anonymous leaker states that players will take the role of a woman named Sarah.

She's a member of a counter-terrorist organisation in a branch that's specialised in stopping cyber attacks. Sarah is tasked with infiltrating a hacker group in order to bring the whole operation down and take the one responsible for the attacks.

The leaker also claims that players won't be able to use guns or knives, only batons, tasers and other non-lethal weapons. Parkour will also make a return from Watch Dogs 3, and should feel "more fluid and natural".

Apparently, London will have a cyberpunk feel to it, as the game is set in the near future. Side missions will include finding drug dens and taking them down as Sarah has a strong dislike for them - her brother died from drug abuse.

According to the leaker, Watch Dogs 3 will be teased two weeks before E3 2019, with a full gameplay reveal at the world's biggest gaming expo. Release date is set for November 2019.

All in all, a lot of new details about the game that is surely making an appearance on E3 2019. However, just like any other leak or rumour, take it with a grain of salt as some of these can often be fake. 

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You can check the for more leaked Watch Dogs 3 details. 

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