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Disintegration multiplayer will be removed in several instalments

Published: 07:09, 18 September 2020
V1 Interactive
Commanding your squad in Disintegration
Explosions! Mechs! Abilities! Is it Titanfall 3? Unfortunately, no.

V1 Interactive and Private Division appear to have not found enough players interested in Disintegration and as a result, the game is losing online multiplayer components.

Removing multiplayer from a game isn't exactly new when it comes to live service titles that underperform. Disintegration happened to be just like that, despite the initial hype it garnered after people perceived it as a Titanfall lookalike.

On September 17, 2020, the developer and publisher announced that the game will lose online components. The reason for this appears to be that there aren't enough players interested in multiplayer and as such, the team can't justify hosting the servers.

Removal of online components began with the announcement but it will not be an overnight process. There will be several phases over the next few months and the first one to go was the in-game store, with November 17 being the date when the last portion of multiplayer will be removed.

Even though the multiplayer part took a nosedive, the singleplayer campaign will remain playable, although it remains to be seen whether it will be worth the price of admission which is standing at $40/ €40.

The announcement noted that despite not succeeding with Disintegration, V1 would continue trying to take risks and potentially make games that will bend the rules of modern game development.

With that in mind, those who still want to give it a few rounds can do so over the course of next two months.

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