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Digital Extremes' new game is another hero shooter

Published: 15:42, 17 August 2017
The Amazing Eternals

Digital Extremes is working on a hero shooter called The Amazing Eternalns. The game looks like Overwatch mixed with a trading card game for maximum RNG lootboxyness, but it does have a unique art style at least.

Digital Extremes have been running a closed alpha for their latest project called since May 2017. Turns out the name didn't quite fit the game so now it's called The Amazing Eternals.

DigitalExtremes The Amazing Eternals The Amazing Eternals

The game looks like a hero shooter judging by the footage and commentary released, and when one says hero shooter one of course means Overwatch clone - which is itself a Team Fortress 2 clone with some DOTA hero flare thrown into the mix.

The twist with The Amazing Eternals is that it's also a deck building game on top of the shooter core. This allows the developers to put all of their grind and lootbox related experience accumulated with Warframe into a single microtransaction extravaganza. If you ever wanted a game where you can microtransact for weapons, skins/cosmetics AND card packs, The Amazing Eternals will most likely have you covered.

DigitalExtremes The Amazing Eternals - Moonbase The Amazing Eternals - Moonbase

The game has an interesting looking art style. A lot of pulpy retro sci-fi aesthetics smashed together for the characters, and the maps are reminiscent of various TV show sets from the last century.

DigitalExtremes The Amazing Eternals - Character concept The Amazing Eternals - Character concept

Beta sign-ups are , and there is also a founders package deal available on 29 August 2017 - in case you feel like pre-ordering a free-to-play game for guarantied beta access and preferential treatment in all things.

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