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Warframe devs announce Soulframe, a fantasy MMO

Published: 10:55, 18 July 2022
Digital Extremes

Digital Extremes announced a new game after working on Warframe for a decade and it looks like action fans are in for a treat.

Warframe is still going strong after all these years but Digital Extremes recognised the need to branch out and during the last TennoCon, they unveiled the teaser trailer for the team's next game - Soulframe .

Upon hearing the name, you could easily assume it's a mix of Souls games and Warframe and you wouldn't be too far off. Digital Extremes denied the game is taking inspiration from Souls titles but Elden Ring "has absolutely been a subject of some conversation". So basically, it's inspiration from Souls titles with extra steps.

Soulframe is still a long way out apparently and the devs are not ready to announce a release date or release window. That said, there are no signs of Warframe stopping in the meantime so the fans will have things to do while waiting for the new entry.

Keep in mind that Soulframe will be taking the fantasy MMO approach so if you are into sci-fi action with space ships and futuristic suits, you might want to stick with Warframe instead.

DE are going to apply the lessons learned in Warframe to the new game, with Steve Sinclair moving away from the position of the Warframe director in order to oversee the development of the fantasy MMO.

One of the team's goals for Soulframe is to keep both the open world and instanced aspects of the game while having a higher starting point than Warframe. As such, the game will feature a hub world from the get-go, unlike the early versions of Warframe.

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