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DICE are seemingly starting to tease Battlefield 6 reveal

Published: 18:46, 08 September 2020
battlefield 5 screenshot showing a watch on a gun
Tease from JackFrags' video

Battlefield YouTuber jackfrags has started to tease a potential Battlefield 6 announcement in his latest videos. DICE devs also joined in, with cryptic messages over on Twitter.

We already know that the next Battlefield game is set to return to the modern-day setting . This has been confirmed by reliable insiders as well as VentureBeat's Jeff Grubb, who tweeted earlier this month that the game is indeed set in the modern day.

However, the announcement is still far away according to Tom Henderson who is a trusted source but it appears that DICE could at least start teasing the game very soon.

In fact, it seems that the campaign has already kicked off. Recently, popular Battlefield YouTuber jackfrags has started to share videos of previous Battlefield games with cryptic messages, that could be hinting at some bigger news.

The tease shows a pendant pocket watch with broken glass. The "ticking" sound in the background also adds another layer of mystery. Check out the tease at the 10:00 mark in the video below:

On top of this, we have a cryptic tweet from Senior Designer at DICE, Niklas Astrand, who replied to jackfrags' tweet with a simple message: "tick tick tick".

So yeah, something is definitely happening behind the scenes and it would not be the first time that DICE and EA are starting to tease Battlefield game via popular YouTubers like jackfrags or westie.

Hopefully we get something Battlefield 6 related very soon. Such a huge title on next-gen consoles with large maps, player count, ray tracing and other next-gen features certainly does sound like a dream shooter for many Battlefield fans.

Battlefield V, WWII shooter by DICE and Electronic Arts

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Battlefield V

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