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Battlefield 1 Premium Pass going free after Battlefield V beta

Published: 09:26, 04 September 2018
Promotional image from Battlefield 1 showing a black american soldier in a stand-off with a blond german soldier.
Battlefield 1

EA and EA DICE have announced that Battlefield 1 Premium Pass will be free for keeps between 11 and 18 September 2018, just as Battlefield V beta concludes. This includes new maps, weapons, vehicles and other assets from four DLC packs.

Road to Battlefield is a promotion EA and EA DICE are running for Battlefield V and it's going to include a week of free Premium Pass for Battlefield 1 owners. The Premium Pass includes four DLC packs - They Shall Not Pass, In the Name of the Tsar, Turning Tides and Apocalypse. 

Across these four DLCs, paywall will from 16 maps, some game modes, Operations, Elite classes and a few other amenities. Bear in mind that the promotion will only run for a week, and at the end of it, you will no longer be able to grab the DLC packs for free. To clarify once again - if you grab the Premium Pass during this week, you will get to keep it forever.

While the official post states it is indeed a giveaway, it might still sound somewhat unclear on whether it's free temporarily or entirely, but Rock Paper Shotgun it is indeed a proper giveaway where players get to keep the whole DLC bundle. Naturally, this refers to DLC packs so you will need to purchase the base game in order to grab the DLC.

The game is currently $39,99 / €39,99 on Origin which might be a bit pricey considering the next Battlefield instalment is just around the corner but 

As previously mentioned, the free week of Premium Pass will come on the back of Battlefield V open beta which will commence on 04 September 2018 for those who qualify for early access, ergo pre-orders and EA Access Premier subscription holders and on 06 September 2018 for everyone else.

EA DICE A tank is moving through water with infantry around it in Battlefield V Battlefield V

will end on 11 September 2018, at 07:00 PDT or 16:00 CET. This testing phase will also present a great opportunity to get a closer view for those who are unsure about buying Battlefield V yet, due to its controversial marketing campaign and certain features.

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