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Battlefield 6 could feature Levolution 2.0 with unpredictable destruction

Published: 09:47, 08 February 2021
Updated: 09:51, 08 February 2021
Battlefield 4 screenshot showing shangai tower collapse
Battlefield 4

Battlefield 6 could feature an overhauled Levolution system that would allow players to "control" the way in which the buildings would collapse on the map.

Today we have some fresh rumours about Battlefield 6, courtesy of a well-known Battlefield leaker and insider Tom Henderson aka The Long Sensation. In his latest video, which you can check out below, Henderson discusses some new information that he received from his sources.

One of the biggest new details about Battlefield 6, which Henderson reveals in the video, is regarding the improved Levolution system. The game will indeed feature destruction but on a never-before-seen scale.

The leaker claims it's "Levolution on steroids" that will allow players to destroy most buildings on the map, except for the ones where objectives are set. He also reveals that players will be able to control the destruction, depending on the location where they destroy the building.

"When you destroy a building it's not going to fall in a predictable way, it will depend on the destruction that is inflicted onto the building. So for example with the Shangai Tower from Battlefield 4, if that tower was destroyed it would fall in a very fall in a very predictable pattern, it would fall the same way in every single way. 

In Battlefield 6, if you destroyed the side of the building, it would fall towards the side, if you destroyed it from the back it would fall backwards, if you destroyed it from the front it would fall forward. The destruction this time will depend on how the building is destroyed and it will follow a different pattern every single time."

This will certainly sound very exciting for Battlefield fans who have been asking for more destructible buildings in the game but before you board the hype train, we have to say these are just rumours at the moment, so a dose of scepticism is required until EA officially announce the game.

In the video, Henderson also reveals that the usual Squads return but multiple squads will now be placed in a unit of a platoon, which is an interesting idea. Additionally, there are details on Battle Pass and battle royale and you can check the video for more info on that.

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