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Battlefield V adds new weekly Missions and Rush mode

Published: 10:39, 19 March 2020
Jungle stream in Battlefield V
Battlefield V, Chapter 6: Into the Jungle

This week, Battlefield V players will get to play Rush mode on eight maps including Wake Island. On top of this, Dice and EA have new weekly missions available.

Battlefield V may not be in the best place at the moment in terms of interesting content but that does not mean that DICE and EA will just stop adding fresh stuff to their WW2 shooter. Quite the contrary, they have another update with new missions and game mode.

This week, Battlefield V players will get to play a fan-favourite mode Rush on eight maps:  Narvik, Arras, Operation Underground, Mercury Devastation, Twisted Steel, Rotterdam and the new Wake Island map. Many Rush mode fans will certainly appreciate the return of this action-packed mode, which has been added and removed a couple of times since launch.

On top of this, there are new weekly missions so let's take a look at the tasks you'll need to fulfil to complete the missions: 

  • WHAT A RUSH - 5,000 CHAPTER XP - Play 1 round of Rush.
  • MASTER THE FUSE - 5,000 CHAPTER XP -Arm or defuse 1 objective in Rush.
  • ONE TWO PUNCH - 14,000 CHAPTER XP - Kill or squad assist 10 enemies.
  • DEMOLITION SPECIALISTS - 30,000 CHAPTER XP - As a squad, arm or defuse objectives 10 times in Rush.
  • VARIABLE SIGHT CONDITIONS - 14,000 CHAPTER XP - Earn 7500 score as Medic or Recon.
  • NO FIXING THAT - 14,000 CHAPTER XP - Destroy 1 objective in Rush.
  • HONEST WORK - 14,000 CHAPTER XP - Earn 25000 score.
  • HOTLINE TO HQ - 30,000 CHAPTER XP - As a squad call in 60.000 points worth of reinforcements.

Battlefield V, WWII shooter by DICE and Electronic Arts

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Battlefield V

For more details about Chapter 6 Week 7 content drop, visit Battlefield forum.

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