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New Battlefield screenshots leak online

Published: 06:56, 18 May 2021
Updated: 07:45, 20 June 2021
artwork showing Leaked Battlefield screenshot
Leaked Battlefield screenshot

A bunch of new Battlefield screenshots have surfaced online via the Battlefield subreddit. The screenshots are allegedly from the reveal trailer, which is coming in June.

EA and Dice are yet to drop the official reveal trailer for the highly-anticipated Battlefield but some industry insiders like Tom Henderson have already seen and described it. Apparently, it's set on a Japanese island and it showcases rocket launch as well as big storm and infantry battle.

The screenshots which leaked several weeks ago revealed that there's indeed a rocket launch as well as the Japanese island setting. 

Today, we have some fresh screenshots which have been dropped on Tom Henderson's Discord server, which has been temporarily closed in the meantime, probably due to copyright strikes. Anyway, without further ado, let's check out some of these screenshots.

Reddit Battlefield leaked screenshot 1 showing robot dog Battlefield leaked screenshot 1

In this one, we see the robot dog, which has already been confirmed to exist in the game by Tom Henderson. The insider stated several times that the game would have some futuristic elements since it's set in the 2030s.

Reddit Battlefield - Leaked screenshot showing rocket launch Battlefield - Leaked screenshot

And here's the rocket launch which ends up being swallowed by the incoming tornado. 

Reddit Battlefield leaked screenshot showing explosion Battlefield leaked screenshot 2

This is the last "clean" screenshot that has been shared via Reddit. As you can see, it shows a huge explosion, probably from the failed rocket launch. 

For more screenshots, that have a goofy watermark to cover the original watermarks from EA and Dice, check the original Reddit post.

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