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Battlefield 2042's rumoured BattleHub to host remasters of classic maps

Published: 08:14, 23 June 2021
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Tom Henderson, a YouTuber and Battlefield community leaker with some street cred released a video going over some of the details about the rumoured BattleHub.

DICE LA could be neck-deep in working on a standalone game mode which will give the players a chance to drop into some classic maps remastered for BF2042. Codenamed "BattleHub" the mode would re-introduce some fan-favourite maps from previous games into the upcoming title.

The information should be taken with some spoonfuls of salt (keep up with your NaCl intake) as it has only been shared by a known leaker from the Battlefield community. An official announcement hasn't been made.

The leaker, Tom Henderson, made a YouTube video going over the details of the rumoured game mode. He discloses that the information given in the video wasn't confirmed by his sources who either refused to comment or didn't know what the game mode was.

According to Henderson, the BattleHub will be "the ultimate sandbox experience". He goes on to explain that the rumoured game mode isn't going to be a competitive nor a balanced romp. Instead, it will, apparently, offer up a skirmish-type of environment where players go to have some silly fun in between the actual matches.

Next up, the BattleHub we hear about in the video will play host to some remastered maps from older Battlefield titles. The maps will be run on the new game's engine but contain the weapons and gear found in the maps of yesteryear.

Henderson also says that, if the leak is true, BattleHub will feature the specialist class system, in lieu of the traditional one.

The number of supported players in BattleHub will double from the usual 64 players for most Battlefield 2042 maps to 128 players in the Hub. This will also depend on the size of the map itself. The 64 player number will be the standard for the past-gen consoles.

If the rumour is true, BattleHub and the Hazard Zone will be available for download separate from the main game's multiplayer. 

The last morsel Tom leaves us with is that BattleHub will be updated with Battle Pass Seasons. This could mean that DICE will introduce new weapons, vehicles and more as Battlefield 2042's seasons go on.

For more information about Battlefield 2042, check out our previous coverage of the game's rumoured F2P mode.

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