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Devil May Cry 5 shows off a new Devil Breaker and a new hunter

Published: 14:31, 20 September 2018
Picture of Dante, Nero and V in Devil May Cry 5
Devil May Cry 5

New promotional material such as trailers and screenshots have emerged from Tokyo Game Show regarding Devil May Cry 5. The latest media shows off the game's third demon hunter, named V, and some new Devil Breakers for Nero to peruse.

While some gamers will immediately get Cyberpunk 2077 pictured before them at the mention of "V", nothing could be farther from the truth in Devil May Cry 5. This particular demon hunter is described as mysterious but generally looks like a discount . His gameplay hasn't been shown though as he only appears briefly at the end of the trailer embedded above.

Right after V's appearance we are "treated" to an advertisement for several editions of Devil May Cry 5, some of which will include exclusive Devil Breakers for Nero. For those unacquainted with the lore, it's what Nero calls the different mechanical arms he uses.

There are four exclusive Devil Breakers in total and so far it seems like at least one will actually have gameplay impact as opposed to just cosmetic differences. The same one has been shown off in action and that is the Mega Buster from Mega Man. The video below shows what it looks like as well as the Buster's visual and sound effects.

Keep in mind that Capcom specifically noted that the camera angles have been altered for the sake of promotional material, so equipping Mega Buster will not actually turn your game into a side-scrolling platformer, as cool as that would be.

The remaining three Devil Breakers seem to be just skins for existing in-game Devil Breakers but we couldn't help but notice that one of them is actually a fork attached to a high-tech prosthesis. Had it been a , it could be possibly the best Easter Egg this year.

That said, let us remind you once again that these are Deluxe Edition exclusives, which means Capcom have set one foot in pay-walling corporate paradise that denies players certain gameplay aspects if they don't shell out additional cash.

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