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Velkhana and Fatalis return to Monster Hunter World: Iceborne

Published: 04:58, 01 October 2020
Monster Hunter World: Iceborne - Fatalis, the Legendary Black Dragon
Monster Hunter World: Iceborne - Fatalis, the Legendary Black Dragon

Fatalis, the Legendary Black Dragon is now live in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne. The dragon also brought a new seasonal event and various system updates.

Fatalis, the Legendary Black Dragon, first of his name, the favourite of fans, has now returned to Monster Hunter World: Iceborne.

Fatalis, the Legendary Black Dragon

Long considered nothing more than a legend, Fatalis is said to have wiped out an entire kingdom overnight. 

The Guild has now confirmed the return of this mythical Elder Dragon; it’s heading straight to Castle Schrade to finish what it had started.

Please note that before you can take on the Special Assignment to hunt Fatalis, you must be MR 24 or higher, have completed at least the Safi’jiiva Recon Assignment, and have encountered Alatreon in its Special Assignment at least once.

Fall Seasonal Event – Fun Fright Fest

Inceborne's next seasonal event will be a monster mash. We're talking demons, succubus, and ghosts.

The Seliana Gathering Hub will be decked out with sinister new décor and the new preferred music genre is "spooky". There will be food and a bunch of stuff to craft and collect including Armor Sets, Layered Armor, Weapon Pendants, Palico Gear, a Poogie Outfit and more.

Fun Fright Fest will run from October 16 until November 5.

Arch-Tempered Velkhana

Another Arch-Tempered Elder Dragon was spotted on the horizon. 

This time it's just the flagship monster of Iceborne, Velkhana. Defeat the Elder Dragon to score a special Weapon Pendant and materials to craft the versatile Velkhana γ (gamma) armour set.

Arch-Tempered Velkhana Event Quest will be live from October 16 until November 5.

Capcom Monster Hunter World: Iceborne - Arch-Tempered Elder Dragon Velkhana Monster Hunter World: Iceborne - Arch-Tempered Elder Dragon Velkhana

Clutch Claw Boost

This new skill will allow heavy weapons (Great Sword, Hammer, Hunting Horn, Lance, Switch Axe, Charge Blade, Heavy Bowgun) to also draw slinger ammo from monsters while tenderizing a monster’s hide with their Clutch Claw weapon attack.

Conversely, light weapons (Long Sword, Sword & Shield, Dual Blades, Gunlance, Insect Glaive, Light Bowgun, Bow) will also benefit from this skill by tenderizing monsters’ hides with a single Clutch Claw weapon attack, while also drawing slinger ammo.

Master Rank Layered Armor

The latest TU will make the Master Rank armour sets available to craft as Layered Armor.

Some sets will be tied to upcoming Event Quest rewards, but most are now available for crafting, mixing and matching. 

Elder Melder Decorations

The Elder Melder will now be able to craft some especially elusive jewels:

  • Elementless Jewel 2
  • Shield Jewel 2
  • Sharp Jewel 2
  • Dragonseal Jewel 3
  • Mighty Bow Jewel 2
  • Mind’s Eye Jewel 2

Full patch notes available through here .

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