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Capcom planning new Monster Hunter game, no MH:W on Switch though

Published: 15:05, 30 June 2020
Monster Hunter: World, Rajang monster
Monster Hunter: World, Rajang

Capcom have really been firing on all cylinders these past few years and it turns out the company is planning a new Monster Hunter game. If you're hoping for a Switch port of MH:W however, we've got bad news.

In a recent investor meeting, the company was asked whether they're planning on any new games in the extremely successful Monster Hunter franchise, to which they replied that they indeed are. 

"We are planning to develop a “Monster Hunter” that can be enjoyed by junior and senior high school students, and look forward to future developments", Capcom said. 

Unfortunately, that's as much as they shared and it's quite an open-ended response that could mean pretty much anything. That said, it's assumed that Capcom are talking about a game for more portable platforms, like Nintendo Switch or Android and iOS mobiles. 

The company was also asked about the possibility of Monster Hunter: World being ported to Nintendo Switch, but Capcom's reply wasn't as forthcoming as in the above case. "We are not currently planning to deploy Monster Hunter: World on Nintendo Switch", they said. 

Capcom have been pretty busy on all fronts, not least with Monster Hunter: World. The studio just confirmed the launch date for Iceborne's fourth title update on PC , which launches on July 9, 2020, so there's clearly no shortage of things to do in Capcomland. 

Capcom Monster Hunter: World - new transforming armour Monster Hunter: World

Knowing the toll Monster Hunter: World takes on hardware, both on consoles and PC, Nintendo Switch does seem like a far fetched idea. Capcom's wording didn't rule the possibility out entirely, however, but we suspect that adapting it for Switch would take the time and manpower the company cannot afford at the moment. 

You can find the investor Q&A here (in Japanese). Thanks, Twisted Voxel

Monster Hunter: World's expansion Iceborne, by Capcom

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
Monster Hunter: World

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