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Destiny franchise is best selling in USD after CoD since 2014

Published: 11:28, 01 October 2019
Destiny 2

NPD group revealed a few interesting stats for Destiny 2 recently, stating it is the second best selling FPS franchise in US dollars since the introduction in 2014. It is trailing only behind Call of Duty, which is likely depressing for EA.

Battlefield is often the most heard name when comparisons are drawn to Call of Duty franchise but it appears Bungie disrupted this rivalry in a spectacular fashion. According to Matt Piscatella of the NPD Group, Destiny is the second best selling FPS franchise in USD since 2014.

This statistic only takes US dollar sales in the equation but it paints a pretty clear picture about the market in USA. The gap between CoD and Battlefield now seems even bigger, even though it's known Black Ops 4 with Battlefield V back before the two games even released.

On the topic of Destiny franchise, it appears that many underestimated Destiny and Destiny 2's size as these games turned out to be absolutely massive and the numbers will be undoubtedly bolstered later today when Destiny 2 New Light goes live on Steam.

While it's second in the FPS genre, Piscatella also that Destiny is 7th overall best selling franchise for the monitored period. Unfortunately, the list with full best selling franchise rankings is not available but it's still an impressive feat for a completely new brand. 

Destiny 2 is firing on all cylinders Destiny 2 is firing on all cylinders Destiny 2 is firing on all cylinders

Furthermore, Destiny 2 took on more than one genre with its structure. It is an FPS, RPG or looter shooter, depending on who you ask which could prove to be a double-edged sword but it seems to have worked wonders for Bungie.

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