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Destiny 2 transmog system will be less afwul next season

Published: 01:09, 25 July 2021
Destiny 2 - Couturier Hunter ornament set
Destiny 2 - Couturier Hunter ornament set

Bungie announced changes for the horrid transmog system in Destiny 2 and the new season update will make it less of a headache overall.

Destiny 2 received the transmog system, called Armor Synthesis, at the start of Season 14, after years of anticipation from the fans. It was hard to ruin such a hyped feature but Bungie managed to pull it off by making players run through several rounds of grind and even time gating one of them.

This prompted many players to just give up on transmog, or give in to microtransactions but eventually Bungie announced a portion of the grind would go away when Season 15 kicks in. 

Namely, the 150 Synthweave requirement will be completely removed and the time gating will go away with it, making the grind significantly shorter as we will just skip straight to the bounty that awards Synthcord, at the cost of 10,000 Glimmer. 

In other words, the worst part of the grind is gone and while you might be prompted to commend Bungie for removing it, we would urge you to think twice and figure out how many times you, a Destiny and Destiny 2 player, went through a similar cycle - Bungie makes an egregious microtransaction-driven change, everyone gets pissed off, the devs do away with the bad stuff and the community starts singing praises.

As long as this cycle keeps going, Bungie will keep aggravating the players periodically as they aggressively push people into microtransaction alternatives.

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