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Departing ArenaNet co-founder was working on Guild Wars 3

Published: 18:52, 06 October 2019
Picture of a player character standing in a desert in Guild Wars 2
Guild Wars 2

Mike O'Brien, one of the co-founders of ArenaNet has parted ways with the company recently. There are now reports that he was working on the development of the next instalment in Guild Wars franchise but now it's probably all in the wind.

Some Guild Wars fans never saw the sequel as a worthy successor and it seems like the last opportunity to see Guild Wars 3 has recently been extinguished. Even Guild Wars 2 fans were hopeful about getting more content in the form of expansions until ArenaNet was hit with massive layoffs and the community is distressed these days more than ever as key people keep leaving the studio.

Such is the case with Mike O'Brien, arguably the most prominent figure in the developer studio that literally started off in his apartment. In a heartfelt to the community, O'Brien announced he is leaving the company in order to pursue smaller games with a studio that is about to be formed by some of his friends and himself.

While he mentioned what the future may look like for him, O'Brien didn't speak about what he was working on during the later days in ArenaNet, other than stating he transitioned to new product development roughly two years ago. However, one of Kotaku's sources stated that O'Brien was one of eight people assigned to a .

ArenaNet Screenshot from Guild Wars showing the legendary I Pull Levers Well bot While not the meat and potatoes of the company, they still maintain servers for the original Guild Wars

Another source also added all of the people from the project left the company, not just O'Brien, but they will not take the work they made with them. Therefore, the new game they might come up with in the future might be the spiritual successor to Guild Wars but the fate of official sequels remains blurred, especially because ArenaNet's force has been cut in half with just around 200 people left in the studio.

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