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Death Mark is a new horror game coming to Steam soon

Published: 14:05, 22 February 2019
Picture from Death Mark's title screen
Death Mark

Death Mark is a horror video game developed by Experience and published by Aksys Games. It was previously available on consoles, but it is now coming PC via Steam, bringing its novel-like horror elements to the master race enthusiasts.

Death Mark's story is revolving about a mysterious disfigurement that looks like a birthmark. The catch is, it appears out of nowhere, people don't expect it and once it does - they soon die a horrible death. The protagonist wakes up with cliche amnesia, finding they have such a mark on them and try to avoid death by going to a mansion that is rumoured to protect the mark bearers. You guessed it, the building is haunted.

As we previously noted, Death Mark found mixed success. While critics praised the game, the actual players weren't so thrilled as they marked yet another title with a huge discrepancy between critic and user reviews. On PlayStation 4, it 83 critic review score and 5.9 user score, while critics with the Switch version as it came out to be rated 76. There is no user score on this one.

The game's main features listed on Steam are the typical survival horror ones. Players will need to search the creepy areas for clues and gear to survive the haunted mansion and will be hunted by the angry spirits in the meantime. Unlike some of the more modern horror games, players will sometimes be presented with actual means of self-defence, so they will be able to kill a ghost or two.

Considering this is not a AAA title filled to the brim with pretty graphics to obfuscate shallow gameplay, the game will not require a NASA rig to run. You can check the system requirements on or you could install the game on Commodore 64 and play it with no issues.

Experience Picture of some person being creepy in Death Mark Death Mark

Death Mark is set for release on 04 April 2019 and if you are unsure whether you should get the game based on Metacritic's review aggregate, you can wait until players post user reviews on Steam. 


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