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Dead by Daylight - Chapter 26 release date and character overview

Published: 00:13, 02 November 2022
Updated: 20:05, 02 November 2022
The new DBD chapter is giving a lot of Elden Ring vibes
The new DBD chapter is giving a lot of Elden Ring vibes

Chapter 26, called "Forged in the Fog", will feature a killer like no other, a new survivor and a brand new map. The killer is a commander and formidable fighter, capable of cutting down anyone in his way.

Behaviour is launching the 26th Chapter of Dead by Daylight and it is going live on November 22, 2022. Dead by Daylight is trying out new things with very different collaborations ( PUBG and For Honor ) and that hasn't really influenced the themes of the chapters, until now.

The new killer is called the Knight. His power, Guardia Compagnia, allows players to create a Patrol Path and summon an AI-controlled Guard, leaving a Standard Flag in position. Once summoned, that Guard can survey and patrol, hunt and chase Survivors, or damage pallets and generators. 

When a survivor is spotted, the Guard will chase his prey for a finite amount of time or disappear once his target is wounded. The Survivor can outsmart a Guard by staying alive until the Hunt Timer ends, unhooking a fellow survivor, or catching the Standard Flag when activated. 

The new survivor is called Vittorio Toscano. He is a scholar who researches ancient secrets and has an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. He is highly motivated to bring peace, harmony, and order to the world. 

Vittorio has the physique of a man who has suffered and earned his wisdom, his body is covered in strange symbols that glow in an inconspicuous turquoise light as if powered by otherworldly energy.

The new map, called Shattered Square, will be a great way to introduce the new era of Dead by Daylight as it will be themed accordingly to the time from which the Knight comes, the medieval age.


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