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Dead by Daylight - All changes coming to the PTB with Patch 7.3.0

Published: 19:25, 19 September 2023
Overview of all of the changes coming to the PTB with update 7.3.0
Overview of all of the changes coming to the PTB with update 7.3.0

With Dead by Daylight's latest 7.3.0 patch hitting the PTB, Behavior is addressing significant community concerns and ushering in a promising future for the game.  

With the new 7.3.0 patch that came to Dead by Daylight ’s PTB today, Behaviour is hinting at a promising future for the game, as very big community concerns have been addressed and were thoughtfully changed for the better. For those who are in a rush, this is the TLDR.

Hook camping along with the Merchant and the Shattered Square got reworked and a new skin line got introduced (for more details about the skinline, you can go to this link ). 

The Anti-Camping Mechanic

Starting with the new anti camping mechanic, which works by letting the hooked survivor be able to unhook himself when a bar in the bottom of their screen is filled up. 

This bar fills if the killer is standing close to the hooked survivor but to prevent the exploitation of this mechanic, the progress is slowed down or even completely stopped if survivors are also close to the hook. This way of discouraging hook-camping could prove to be a good step towards more exciting and less toxic gameplay.

BHVR The anti-camping mechanic The anti-camping mechanic

Skull Merchant rework

Another promising change is a rework to the Skull Merchant. Known for “playing chess”, which refers to the killer's playstyle of locking down an area of tightly spawned generators, essentially preventing the survivors from ever making any progress to win the game, the Skull Merchant has been problematic since her release. 

In this update Behaviour tried to make her more chase oriented, unable to lock down areas completely while also not making her underpowered. In the PTB, her now 6 drones don't continuously track survivors and build up to an exposed status effect. 

Instead, they apply stacks of “Lock On”, at full stacks, the survivor is injured and a Claw Trap will stick to them and apply the Broken status effect until removed. Additionally, the drones can’t detect stationary survivors, so that generators can still be repaired while inside of a drones radius.

These changes could make the killer become more powerful in chase while also removing the problematic parts of her kit.

Shattered Square rework

A rework to the Shattered Square makes it all around easier to navigate and more pleasant to the eyes. The map is now an actual square, the relatively unpleasant filter that made all the colors very very red got removed and made the obstacles are now taller because previously they were very easy to see over or to not even notice.


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