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Atomic Heart delayed again; now set to launch in February 2023

Published: 14:46, 01 November 2022
Atomic Heart now set to release on February 21, 2023
Atomic Heart now set to release on February 21, 2023

Highly-anticipated shooter Atomic Heart is now scheduled to launch on February 21, 2023. 

Atomic Heart has seemingly been delayed to February 21, 2023. This highly anticipated shooter from developer Mundfish and publisher Focus Entertainment was scheduled to launch this year, but the announcement of  a new "Release date trailer" which is set to air tomorrow, and the source code inspection by the eagled-eyed Twitter gamers suggest that February 21, 2023, is indeed the new release date.

Atomic Heart was announced four years ago and didn't have a release date until recently when Mundfish narrowed it down to Q4 2022. The release date on Steam states that the game is set to launch "this Winter" which could mean December 2022, January or February 2023. 

The whole release date mystery is really a good example of poor communication from the devs, who could have publicly said they need more time and that the game is being pushed to 2023, avoiding all this confusion. 

Atomic Heart is the first game from Russian developers Mundfish and it's quite the looker. Some fans describe it as a Bioshock -like shooter and we have to say that judging from the trailers, Atomic Heart does have some similarities with 2K 's iconic titles. 

In case you are unfamiliar with Atomic Heart, the story is set in an alternate version of the 1950s Soviet Union in which robotics and other advanced technologies were developed during World War II. 

Mundfish Atomic Heart screenshot showing combat Atomic Heart looks like a mix of Bioshock and Prey

Robots designed to help humans have rebelled against their creators. Secret experiments have led to the emergence of terrifying mutants while giant machines and bloodthirsty creatures are just a few of the obstacles that stand between you and the completion of your secret mission.

The devs promise hyper-realistic visuals and a unique combined combat system. We are very excited to hear more about Atomic Heart and of course, to finally play it so the February 2023 release date can't come soon enough.


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