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DayZ Update 1.14 adds new assault rifle, contaminated areas and more

Published: 16:08, 29 September 2021
DayZ - New contaminated areas
DayZ - New contaminated areas

DayZ has a brand new update with new content, gameplay features and much more. Bohemia Interactive say this is the game's biggest update of 2021.

Bohemia Interactive's open-world survival game DayZ has received its biggest's update of 2021. The update 1.14 is now live on PC, PlayStation and Xbox consoles and it offers some big additions which include new contaminated areas, a brand new assault rifle the LE-MAS and much more.

DayZ Update 1.14 features trailer:

DayZ Update 1.14 new additions:

  • Contaminated areas:  Static and dynamic - static areas are meant to lock away high-tier loot, while dynamic areas make the world more lively. 
  • Hunting traps: A big fishnet trap, a small fish bottle trap, and a snare trap. 
  • Revamped helicopter crash sites:  The Russian site has received a significant model update, alongside the addition of the smoke particle, which is now visible from a greater distance. Every helicopter crash site now makes a sound that can be heard from far away, thereby alerting anyone in the vicinity.
  • New animations for bullpup rifles
  • The LE-MAS assault rifle: Uses 5.56x45mm ammunition in its unique 25 round magazine and offers single, burst, and automatic fire.

Last but not least, PlayStation 5 players can now play DayZ at 60 FPS since the update also introduces this feature on Sony's new console.

Here are the full patch notes for DayZ Update 1.14:   PC changelog  | Console changelog .

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