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DayZ sets new all-time peak player count record on Steam

Published: 08:54, 29 November 2021
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DayZ - out alone in Chernarus

Bohemia's survival title DayZ has just set a new all-time peak player count record on Steam. Over 45k players logged in to play the game on November 28.

DayZ's previous record peak player count was set way back in December 2013, shorty after the game's launch. It took eight years for that record to be beaten but DayZ players have done it. 

The new DayZ all-time peak player count has been set over the weekend, Sunday, November 28, 2021, to be more precise. So what's the reason for this influx of new and returning players? Well, there are a couple of reasons actually.

Some would say that underwhelming launches of Call of Duty and Battlefield 2042 made players return to DayZ, others that everyone wants to try the recent 1.15 update which introduced new weapons and items.

Also, popular YouTuber FrankieonPC has returned after 4 years of absence and guess what? He has posted three DayZ videos since his return , which certainly helped push the player count towards the new record.

SteamCharts DayZ's all-time peak now sits at almost 46k DayZ's all-time peak now sits at almost 46k

Last but not least, the game is part of the Steam Autumn Sale with a 40 per cent discount. 

Basically, there is no one single big reason for why DayZ managed to break its Steam player count record but as we mentioned above, there's a lot of smaller things that certainly helped. 

Hopefully, the new and returning players stick around longer and enjoy the game and its new update. 

DayZ - zombie survival madness in an open world of fear

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DayZ Standalone

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