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Darksiders Genesis features Strife and isometric point of view

Published: 02:01, 07 June 2019
Updated: 02:08, 07 June 2019
THQ Nordic
Picture of War and Strife in THQ Nordic's Darksiders Genesis
Darksiders Genesis

Darksiders fans have been waiting for Strife to make his debut in a Darksiders game and it seems like that time is upon us but he isn't getting a solo outing like the other three as he has War co-starring in isometric Darksiders Genesis.

Darksiders Genesis will differ from the other entries in the series in several aspects. For one, it will feature more than one protagonist since both War and Strife will be the stars of the show.

The two protagonists made way for another deviation from the regular formula - it will be a co-op game unlike the previous solo hack and slash experiences with a touch of Souls-like combat in Darksiders III.

If you thought the differences would cease there, you would be wrong since Darksiders Genesis is an isometric game rather than having a regular third person view. This opens doors to more options though, such as local co-op but THQ Nordic have unfortunately not officially confirmed this just yet.

THQ Nordic called the game an action RPG in the description of the trailer above, hinting it could potentially take more after Diablo and similar games with the whole "smash a bunch of enemies and loot even more items" mantra. The trailer, however, shows some platforming and possible puzzles that will require both Horsemen to solve that could potentially add to the game's depth.

There was no boss fight showcase in the trailer but the description promised "epic boss battles". It remains to be seen whether the fights will actually earn that moniker since we are yet to see any footage with the big baddies.

THQ Nordic Picture of Strife in Darksiders Genesis Darksiders Genesis

Speaking of which, we will most likely see some at E3 2019 since THQ Nordic have already announced Darksiders Genesis will make an appearance at the expo. As a reminder, E3 will kick off on 11 June 2019 but the Darksiders-related content will be shown on 13 June 2019 at 10:30 AMD PDT. 

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