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Darksiders Genesis PC, PS4 and Xbox One release date revealed

Published: 08:15, 22 October 2019
THQ Nordic
Picture of War and Strife in THQ Nordic's Darksiders Genesis
Darksiders Genesis

Publisher THQ Nordic have officially announced that Darksiders Genesis will launch on PC and Stadia on 05 December 2019 and for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on 14 February 2020.

Airship Syndicate's upcoming hack and slash RPG Darksiders Genesis is set to initially launch on PC and Google Stadia on 05 December 2019 while PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players will have to wait a bit longer for the release. The game arrives to consoles on 14 February 2020. 

As you may know, Darksiders Genesis has officially been announced for Nintendo's hybrid console Switch but for some reason, the publisher THQ Nordic did not include the release date for Switch in their latest announcement. It's very likely that the game will launch on Switch a couple of months after the release on PS4 and Xbox One.

To celebrate the release date announcement, , courtesy of IGN, showcasing the game's main protagonist taking down a huge demon in a simple but cool manner. The trailer wraps up with some gameplay footage which looks pretty chaotic as you would expect from a hack and slash RPG.

All in all, Darksiders Genesis looks pretty solid and hopefully, it also plays that way once it arrives in less than two months. The game will feature singleplayer and two-player co-op mode and it's set before the original Darksiders, exploring the story of the Seven Seals. It's also the first game in the franchise to use a top-down camera view and change things drastically but hopefully, the fans of the series will appreciate the fresh approach.

THQ Nordic Picture of Strife in Darksiders Genesis Darksiders Genesis

You can find more details on Darksiders Genesis on , including the description, features and the PC system requirements.

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THQ Nordic's Darksiders

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